Alagiri Samy – Kickboxing champ, diligent rock climber, and a passionate explorer

Sometimes the things we’re looking for are right under our feet. While it might not be true literally, but for me, it holds quite true.

For a long time, I was in a constant search of finding the purpose of my existence. From being this crude scientist quite brazen in combining everything and anything to an Assistant director in feature films and to a model I have strutted my stuff unabashedly. But none got me closer to achieving something great and in fact took me where I belong. And as they say, you roam the entire world finally to end up at your home. There’s something about returning home. This search was not futile as I found my true love. My love for Enterprises and Analytics. Above everything else, I realized that my biggest strength is the ability to connect technology and Analytics and bring it to the diverse users. I derive a lot of joy in empowering business managers with solutions and products that can aid in business decisions. Having started my journey as a software engineer it wasn’t an easy journey into analytics. It was tough to create decision engines that embed technology & statistics, but with time I became very adept to the challenges revolving around this field of analytics, and that’s been my one of the biggest achievements.

Time went by and not much changed in me and even today I am the same crazy scientist who likes to experiment. And as the saying goes “Life is like playing the piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it.” I believe I have the so far played all my roles fervidly. Being blessed with endearing friends and family, I have never fallen short of motivations. They have left no stones unturned to instill patience, hope, and zeal to tackle challenges. All that I could do in return is to LOVE. There has never been a day when I fell short of loving things that I have received in my life. The loving family, the significant other-person, inspiring mentors, caring friends, challenging job & the friendly environment, I’m grateful for all these.

If not engrossed in the world of technology, marketing & numbers, I can be found padding my knuckles with my kickboxing gloves and practicing kickboxing. And I just can’t get enough of rock climbing. It’s a total body workout, as well as a mental one! My favorite quote is “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.” – George Moore

Meet Alagiri Samy Kickboxing champ, diligent rock climber, and a passionate explorer


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