Ankur Sharma: A Globetrotter, ardent Netflix fan, and an Analytics Savant

My love for mathematics and data interpretation and the way we can apply them to solve real-life challenges got me inclined to the analytics world. The curiosity to debunk the underlying hidden patterns of data pushes me to explore more. My analytics journey has been fun-filled and quite enriching so far. However, I have tasted the good as well as the challenging moments in this industry. There have been the goods which include things like diagnosing major issues in business by deep data analysis and coming up with fancy visualisations that not only look good, but also solve major pain points for people by just allowing them to view data in a new and easier than ever way. Challenging has been the times where despite all its powers, data is unable to crack the problem for you. It’s still very hard to quantify things such as design and user experience!

You know, if given a chance I would definitely use analytics for social impact. At some point, I’d like to work with government data (collection and analysis) to make meaningful changes in people’s lives. I think government data has been under-rated primarily due to lack of better collection and understanding of potential applications. Traffic patterns, food consumption, real estate, infrastructural projects, financial inclusion, are some areas in which better data collection and its understanding can make us improve them, slowly and steadily, in a very methodical, yet interesting way. Although analytics occupies a big chunk of my life, I somehow take out time to travel, trek, drive or just go for long walks. Lucky to have done several awesome road-trips (including one all the way to India-Pak Border at Longewala in Rajasthan). And I enrich my free time by just planning for the next trip, and that trip is always around the corner. I have realized that car driving is something I really enjoy. Exploring new eateries is also a hobby as I’m a big time foodie and Bangalore never disappoints me with its widespread food joints!

When I am not working, I love playing some classic tunes on my guitar or laze around on my couch watching my favorite TV shows on Netflix . As a person, I am someone who gives importance to every moment and event. Being a big fan of Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect, I think that tiny things and split-second moments in my school/college life have resulted in a huge impact on who I am today, who are my family and friends and how I live my life. For instance, if I did one question correctly or incorrectly in an exam, that has had a significant impact on how significant things in my life turned out! I cherish all of the goods and bads, even the ugly moments of life as they have shaped me up entirely!

Meet Ankur Sharma: A Globetrotter, ardent Netflix fan, Analytics Savant

Ankur is also a speaker at Cypher 2017-the largest Analytics Summit in India conducted by Analytics India Magazine


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