Anshu Raj – True bibliophile, globetrotter, and a food nerd for life

You are counting down the days until you become a dad, and then comes a day when everything changes. Fatherhood changes you completely. The day my son was born, my life was complete. He is turning one this year, and I don’t miss any chance to bond with him and capture every moment. It has just made me grow as an individual and grow as a man. Now, when I arrive home, I see my son and everything is OK. I can very well articulate that life is not only about work, but it is also beyond that, and therefore some people don’t mind taking a sabbatical to take care of their kids! It’s altogether a beautiful feeling.

In my analytics journey over the years, I have met many people who have made the journey of my life quite incredible. I’ve had mentors who helped in streamlining my analytics journey. My ex-boss inspired me a lot; he was someone who made me understand that analytics is not just about reports and dashboards, it is a lot more than that. During this journey, I also realized that analytics lets you transition between industries without making you change your skillset. As you see, once an analyst you’re an analyst forever! It’s an evolving field with lots of challenges and opportunities. Well, there is a challenging side as well, what would you do if you have only limited data to work on and you have to find your way out? Trust me it’s an arduous task, and sometimes it can be a long race. I have faced it many times. But with time, I have learned to rise above such kind of challenges, and I’m still learning! The biggest and most memorable moment in this journey was when I bagged the best employee award. It was an overwhelming experience.

Outside work – I have bitten by the famous bug which runs an obsessive need in me to travel the world! Yes, I am talking about the travel bug. Travel just humbles you. I just love exploring different cultures; travel makes one quite considerate of other cultures, you see! Tokyo and Sydney happen to be my favorite destinations.

When I have spare time, I enjoy doing rough planning for the next trip or simply heading to the beach for a walk! And of course you can call me as a bibliophile. I prefer the ‘musty’ smell of an old book rather than a Kindle! I get ridiculously excited over book releases by Arundhati Roy. I am a great foodie who loves to savor each and every nuanced flavor in my mouth, and I do spend my time and energy on finding great food-related experiences!

Meet Anshu Raj: True bibliophile, globetrotter, and a food nerd for life.


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