Arun Krishnamoorthy: Analytics Leader, Challenger of the Status Quo, and an Avid Fisherman

Arun Krishnamoorthy: Analytics Leader, Challenger of the Status Quo, and an Avid Fisherman.

I think the analytics industry has a place for both generalists and specialists. People with wider knowledge are important from a revenue-generating standpoint and to cater to a varied customer base. People with deeper knowledge are significant from a value-generating standpoint and can make analytics real and impactful.

As a result of being driven by the aspirational “next step” in my analytics career, I’m more of a generalist. I’ve worked some interesting roles in demand planning, inventory management, operations analytics and procurement at HP Analytics and upskilled myself in coding and analytics tools in my early years as an analytics professional. At a time when Cloud Technology was still nascent, I developed a predictive analytics application based on AWS and R. I showed it to Prithvijit Roy who was, at the time, contemplating a start-up and he found it exciting and in 2011, I found myself at BRIDGEi2i architecting our initial products. I then handed Products to the experts and went on to manage analytics delivery for a very interesting bunch of projects in marketing, sales, and fraud. I then created our supply chain analytics capability and currently handle sales, business development and customer advocacy in the US.

My work-style is to lead by example. I strive to ensure that my team does better than I do and have learned that, most times, the trick is to move out of their way when they are good enough and let them realize their own potential. I firmly believe in checking yourself from time to time as a manager if you are an impediment to your team’s growth or a catalyst.

Professionally and personally, I have learned a lot from Mr. Rick Van Fleet, a friend and guide who retired from HP as the VP of worldwide sourcing and currently serves on our Board of Advisors. I consciously try to replicate his personable demeanor and networking skills. He can go from stranger-to-friend in 5 minutes flat! So, to follow his approach to what counts as a successful day, I always block some time to text or mail people and just ask, “What’s up?” It really reinforces my friendships and connections.

Besides work, I love hiking and I recently turned out to be good at snowboarding. A major personal triumph was catching my first rainbow trout in Vermont last year, after years of failure with the best equipment in Bangalore. My hands were shaking in that moment of elation. It’s another matter the trout escaped, but catching it for a moment was a real success for me. I’m hooked (pun intended!) and Fly Fish as often as I can.

Meet Arun Krishnamoorthy: Analytics Leader, Challenger of the Status Quo, and an Avid Fisherman.

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