Bhargavi aka Bugs – True globetrotter, Diligent backpacker, Super-mom

I could have resigned to my fate and taken a bow on the curtain call or warmed up for the next innings. It was crunch time. My first job search after completing my Masters degree. Blood, sweat, tears, rinse and repeat some more. For a young institution like mine, campus placements were a farfetched reality back then. Attending career fairs, walk-ins and scouring web for job openings became the only reality of my life. The highs and not-so-highs during that phase taught me never to give in to the impatience of not finding something new to motivate yourself but to stay positive.

Getting back to the mainstream workforce wasn’t very easy for me, as a lot of companies lack the willingness to accept people after a sabbatical. Life took another turn for me in the year when I joined BRIDGEi2i, after a sabbatical of 15 months. It was good to be finally accepted for who I was and the skills I had to offer.

Initially, it was overwhelming and slowly but surely I saw myself taking baby steps towards charting my growth. I became a part of the sales analytics team, selling Analytics solutions. A training ground to me for managing large clients with the support of my colleagues. It didn’t turn out to be a walk in the park as my first couple of projects didn’t go as planned, but my mentors didn’t stop believing in me and supported me throughout the process. I just kept smiling at the challenges and kept moving ahead. I grew in this role and worked with a lot of stalwarts on some of their unique challenges. My work has shaped me and my thinking and I believe each one of us comes with unique areas of strengths and weaknesses and hence there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. I could build a career in Analytics because of this approach and the support I received. Today I feel I am the master of my own Career and also feel equally responsible for my team. I want to ensure they get the kind of exposure and growth opportunities I did.

I am passionate about theater and love to direct plays. I may come across quite nerdy with my rimless frame, but those who know me will tell you that I am a wild backpacker with loads of craziness. I am a diehard fan of Seinfeld, MASH and taxi and love pottering around my garden compost. Hopefully will get to having a full-fledged organic vegetable garden someday.

Life and work for me are strongly intertwined and I walk into my office with a smile every day. When I look back at the last few years, I feel contented for keeping my passions alive. Times when I made mistakes. Days when I walked out teared up. All these experiences make my life more meaningful. And wherever life takes me in the future, I shall always look back on these years with gratitude.

Meet Bhargavi aka. Bugs: This is what her bucket list looks like – Go Bungee jumping and Skydiving. Do the sky train ride from Beijing to Lhasa. Go backpacking for a year in style. Travel to Masai Mara to witness the great migration. Volunteer for 6 months at Spiti Valley, Machu Picchu trek. Do the walking / cycling tours across Laos – Cambodia- Vietnam.

p.s. She just had a baby girl today 🙂

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