Bhasker Gupta – Data Science Evangelist, Music Aficionado and Marketing Ninja

My team and I just wrapped up CYPHER 2016 – The second edition of our Analytics Summit – and I’m utterly overjoyed, to say the least.

The event was a stellar success; we ended up hosting more than 450 analytics professionals, including prominent leaders and evangelists. Today, I can proudly claim that CYPHER has become one of the most exciting analytics summits in India.

I remember starting my journey in analytics with little knowledge of the subject; I was then working at Infosys and our division was assigned an analytics project from a large retail company. Call it a stroke of luck, the project got assigned to me. I can recall being nervous about it, but little did I know that this project would change my life on so many levels. By the time I was done with the project, I realized that analytics was going to be my future. I dived right into the ocean! After my stint at Infosys, I took on roles specific to BI and analytics with several organizations.

But I wanted to do more…in 2012, I started the property Analytics India Magazine, with an aim to develop a community of analytics professionals across India and enable sharing of ideas and discussions. Analytics India Magazine is now an information powerhouse with more than 150 authors. The magazine has developed a large following since its inception.

I attribute its success to the efforts of my small yet zealous team. I have big plans for AIM and I am going to have fun making it happen. My analytics journey has been a fulfilling one indeed, and it humbles me to be recognized as a data science evangelist as of today.

Outside of work, I am a hardcore music nut. I have performed in a band and written for several leading music magazines. This writing experience was, in fact, the catalyst that led to the creation of Analytics India Magazine!

Meet Bhasker Gupta: Data Science Evangelist, Music Aficionado and Marketing Ninja!


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