Catherine Raghavan – Queen, President & Commander-in-Chief of “United States of Fun.”

Having a dull day at work? I’m here to tickle your funny bone. If there was any scale to measure the levels of madness, then that would be called as “Catherine”.

I may not know how to build complex statistical models or metrics dashboards, but here at BRIDGEi2i, I am contributing to this mystical world of analytics, in my own unique way…Catherine Style!

I am always ready for fun; you will seldom see me in a serious mood. Being a loyal Gemini, my best companion is my insane laughter, which I use to kindle the funnier side of my serious analytics colleagues. I am known to be a chatter machine, which in fact is very true; give me a topic and I will make you run for cover.

There is no place for dull moments in my life as I have colored it with a vivacious and zealous circle of friends. Though I don’t have a book of principles, I believe in keeping life simple. “Life is too short to keep any negativity within us”.

Balancing work and life isn’t easy and there will be times when you have to grease your elbows hard, but you have to look at it as a journey and not as a race. All smiles and no frowns: That’s me!

Meet Catherine Raghavan: Queen, President & Commander-in-Chief of “United States of Fun.”

#HumansofAnalytics #WomeninAnalytics

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