Christian Bartens: A globetrotter, scuba diver, and a diligent datapreneur

Christian Bartens: A globetrotter, scuba diver, and a diligent datapreneur.

I used to teach scuba diving. And I thought travel planning was my true calling when I was working a travel organizer. But with time this was getting slow and boring, and I thought of starting something else. And just by accident, my first job landed me in an internet based company selling advertisement based solutions! There were no guys with data management degree or digital marketing degree, and I just slipped into the role, and the plan sounded perfect! I became the go-to guy for every data and marketing analysis problem. That is how random was my analytics journey.

After few years, I went back to University in Australia. Over there I got into a tourism marketing job. The role demanded analysis of different reports, be it sales or marketing. And nobody knew it how to do that, so I did it all by myself. So that’s when I started teaching myself the technical skills, google analytics and other aspects of marketing and sales analytics. I think I became a conduit between the business and the analytics requirements of the business. That’s how my analytics journey took shape!

As a business owner trying to grow the business and acquire customers across the globe remains a bottleneck. And at times, its hard for clients to understand why they need to spend on analytics. This can make it hard for us to deliver impact. But I think that’s changing as more and more people are getting familiar with the benefits of analytics. Last five years, there were a lot of challenges in implementing analytics, but now we see a lot more innovation in this space. We can see it permeating into the social space. And if given a chance I would love to be part of a project that’s aimed to create social impact!

If I were to define myself, I would call myself a problem solver. I like that challenge of having a problem, and then finding a solution for it. But that’s what I am missing a lot these days. When you have your own company, you don’t get the chance to work on a project entirely, from the start till its end. Every time I get a chance to sit down with my team and do the analysis, I realize how much I have missed it.

Though I spend a lot of time at work, I always save opportunity to travel and explore new places. I just love traveling and as a family, we try to travel as much as we can. I have recently relocated to the US, and we are now busy taking weekend trips to various cities. A significant event in my life happened with the arrival of my baby daughter. We drag her to the pub or the trips; we go everywhere with her! And, yes life is pretty exciting now!

Meet Christian Bartens: A globetrotter, scuba diver, and a diligent datapreneur.


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