Gautam Munshi – A crazy globetrotter, die hard food nerd and analytics vanguard

My first exposure to Analytics was as a consumer of data. Starting my career with a global bank, I was exposed to the way data was used for day-to-day decision making in banks. I found comfort and fascination in the world of numbers which could not lie. And yet, I found that finding the truth when it comes to Analytics requires a lot more than the peeling and pulling of data.

It was a challenge for the compulsive puzzle solver in me and I was hooked. In many ways, though I was part of a global bank, our unit was like a start-up. I became part of the unit even before we got the Internet connection! And that ability to build something from scratch was another hook that stayed with me.

I got a chance to bring both my passions together at Marketics when I found the opportunity to build from scratch and lead a 40-member analytics delivery team servicing sales and marketing analytics for a Fortune 10 company. But like all good stories, mine had a twist too. Marketics got acquired by a leading Technology firm and I reached the typical crossroads in life, wondering about my next step.

You call it the intermission. So, after stocking up on all essentials (all the basics and yes, lots and lots of Risk Appetite), I got ready for the biggest roller coaster ride of my life. By this time, I had a firm belief that you do not need to be from a Statistics or Economics background to be an Analytics guy. Democratizing Analytics became my mission and goal.

And I set up Redwood Associates to prove my hypothesis, true Analytics style. Managing and building a bootstrapped start-up, was a fascinating journey and a life-lesson, more real and visceral than the Entrepreneurship motivational quotes that get quoted in conferences or shared on social media. Our journey had more twists and turns than a whodunit. We experimented, developed our own product, learn out own lessons and we found our own highway, being able to train over 15,000 people across 200 organizations globally in sophisticated analytics techniques and tools and enabling SMEs to scale up their online customer acquisition profitably.

Through it all, what kept me rooted was my fascination with analytics, random travels, and discussions with students, friends & family. If you need to know the latest hacks in booking the best place to stay or finding the most exotic food, you just found yourself a guide. I will respond, as soon as I am done discussing politics and social evolution or just spending a moment, alone, with nature.

Meet Gautam Munshi: A crazy globetrotter, die hard food nerd and analytics vanguard


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