Gillian Campbell -A doting mother, exemplary leader, and influencer

Storytelling in analytics is very powerful and it’s important to tell stories behind the numbers. I like the way analytics can be used to picture a story altogether. I feel very connected towards every opportunity used to translate analytics into stories that business users can understand and implement it. Be it the algorithms, the models to the data sets used to provide business insights, the world of analytics is very fascinating and I am proud to be a small part of this big world!

A few years back, when I started my journey as an analytics professional, I didn’t know my work would be a healthy amalgamation of art and science. But with time I have become a meld who’s trying to marry these disparate fields with the same passion and zeal.

Early in my career, there was a perception that was prevailing: people believed that to become a leader you should first be a manager of some sort. But, it’s not true, leadership is not a skill set, it is indeed very much a part of you and your personality. It just gets seasoned with time and experience. I see it as more of a natural trait. The one trait which I have maintained throughout my career journey is authenticity.

I want people to see me as the same Gillian which they had seen twenty years ago. I may have evolved or grown from a career perspective but I am the same Gillian as I was 20 years ago! I think it’s very important to be authentic and not try to become someone who you are not!

My biggest inspiration is for sure my dad. He taught me from a very young age to never give up! He always said, “Work hard, appreciate what you have.” And, the hard work ethics that I saw in him, and the tenacity he had to never give up has always kept me closer to my reality. Today, passion is my family. I think it is really a good message to my boys to see a successful female leader in their own home. Seeing their own mother successful, I feel they will be able to value diversity and respect hard work. I like to spend time with my husband & children, traveling and opening their mind to a broader aspect

Meet Gillian Campbell: A doting mother, exemplary leader, and influencer.


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