Haresh Kannan: An Avid biker, Data lover and a Spirited soul

Meet Haresh Kannan: An avid biker, data lover and a spirited soul.

Always, you will find people telling you to follow your passion! But I have a different side of the story. I followed my passion and later realized that ‘’ok, this is not my stuff!”. Photography was my passion, and I used to go to weddings and click pictures of happy bride and bridegrooms. The whole wedding experience was very colorful and vivid, and it made me happy. But after some time I realized that I wanted something more, and this passion of mine isn’t motivating me much. As a person, I always like to experiment things, and that’s how I got inclined towards analytics.

Everything got changed when I entered into analytics. Now it’s been more than a year in this world of numbers, and every time I immerse myself into a new analytics problem, I get to see a new solution. I keep reviewing the data again and again, and it reveals something extraordinary every time. I feel something new and exciting has to come in my way to keep me motivated, and I am glad that analytics is my new-found passion. I have no shame in admitting that some of my passions didn’t work out and I am thankful for where I am today; wrapped in the world of data.

I like to challenge my comfort zone. The experiences which I had in life have made me a person who does not shy away from taking responsibilities. Whether I am right or wrong, I take the complete responsibility without flinching. Be it a mistake or right decision I own it. For me, if I opt for something I see it through the end.

My struggles have made me a strong person today. I lost my father at the age of two and lost my mother when I started my college studies. After my mother passed away, everything was slow, like real slow. There wasn’t a single night that went without crying. Neither the days nor the nights were short. But the only one thing that kept me going was her hope for me. She brought me up not to lose hope this easily. Memories of her gave me the strength and I started picking up the pieces from there. My mother’s dream – I have made it my life’s mission. Yes, there are still days I feel down in the dumps, thinking of the past. But when I put my gears on and rev my bike, it takes me to the future, and I feel all my worries get shredded. The world seems to be a better place when I look at it from my bike. My weekends are all about exploring the remote corners of the country in my bike and observing people.

I have come to believe that passion is all about exploring new things and sticking to what you love the most.

Meet Haresh Kannan – An avid biker, data lover and a spirited soul.

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