Himanshu Joshi – A risk taker, intrapreneur, shutterbug and a periodic odist

One day while I was busy coding, a twitching thought intervened my restless mind. It was “What I am doing here? This is not what I want! And then I quit! Life has changed a lot after that.

I pursued my MBA and landed a lucrative offer. But somewhere again, I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing. There was this constant nudge that triggered me to start something of my own. But as you know, we never want to step out from our comfort bubble and think a lot before burning our escape boats. Luckily, I have someone with me who never fails to motivate me in all the highs and not so high phases of my life. That’s my wife! When I told her about my desire to start something of my own she was very encouraging. She just said,” Don’t come back to me at the age of 60 years and say that you wanted to start something but did not. If you want to start up, do it now”. And that was it! I took a step forward towards my entrepreneurial journey. I would not have been what I am without my parents and my brother who continuously believed in me. They have left no stones unturned to instil patience and hope in me.

Molu was the first major work that I did. Molu was a search engine that aggregated results from 28 sources and presented them in a tree form – easy to use for a user. I also launched another website ilovelongurl. It was a simple service that converted a short link into a long one showing the user about the potential dangers of the destination website. And then Guppit and Admirch happened. Guppit was all about saving money while shopping online and Admirch helped in finding out new avenues for displaying advertisements resulting in a better RoI for the advertiser.

Life has been a roller-coaster ride, and I completely enjoy the knocks and curves in between. I have implemented analytics from scratch to probably most complex implementations for two reputed e-commerce brands. I have consulted firms outside as well have worked with media to understand the users’ sentiments. The Analytics journey is quite thrilling but sad part about analytics in India is that everyone wants a comprehensive implementation, but no one is willing to invest in the analysis that follows. For any analytics professional, it’s important to understand the business first before applying the algorithms. Remember anyone who knows analytics and statistics can implement them, but only a few understand the business relevance of the same.

Who am I outside work? Well, I am a person who loves being behind the lens. I love capturing emblematic architecture in addition to taking close-up pictures. And if I have time, I enjoy penning my experiences and reminiscing about the days gone by.

Meet Himanshu Joshi: A risk taker, intrapreneur, shutterbug and a periodic odist.


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