Jawahar Prasanth – Formula One freak, big time foodie, and biker extraordinaire

I remember growing up a fearful and reticent child, always hesitant in my bearing. Had you looked up the word ‘average’ in the dictionary back then, you’d probably have seen my name there. My parents weren’t exactly thrilled about my demeanor and general approach towards life during that period. And the fact that I wasn’t the brightest kid in school didn’t help at all. I can recall that my relatives would sometimes make rather critical remarks on my scores, and that didn’t help either. Being part of a society wherein parents were obsessed with the idea of raising child prodigies, it was difficult to keep my spirits high.

It wasn’t until the final years of my schooling when I realized that we, in fact, live in a dog-eat-dog world. One needs to discover one’s passion and stand out to survive the rat race that life is. It was this epiphany that began changing me; I gradually started improving in my endeavors. I was growing more confident in my skin and overcoming my insecurities. I began accepting challenges that came my way with a bold and positive attitude. It seemed like my life was finally changing for the better, and even my parents had started looking at me in a different light.

Later it was time to go to college, and I had to choose between engineering and medicine. Though I wanted to be a doctor, fate had something completely different in store. I ended up pursuing engineering, thanks to my penchant for mathematics. I did fairly well during my college years, but I was still restless; there was something amiss. I realized I was more interested in learning how enterprises function rather than understanding how a microprocessor or an antenna worked. I wanted to grasp the nuances of business, which led me to pursue MBA.

During the course of my MBA studies, I was introduced to the world of data and analytics for the very first time. This was the very moment when I acknowledged and embraced my true calling – business analytics. I found it fascinating that for any business action, there exists data to either support or dismiss it. There was no stopping me from deep diving into the area of analytics. What happened thereafter still amuses me to this day; I had gone from being an average kid to a gold medalist in finance and analytics.

My strong inclination towards analytics landed me a job at BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions. After joining the organization, I was soon entrusted with a big project along with a team of enthusiastic individuals. This project turned out to be the beginning of my success saga in the field of analytics. I was lauded by seniors and experts in the field, and I went on to take up bigger projects. Cut to the present, I’m positioned as Retail Data Analyst owning Retail Data at Intel. It has certainly been a rollercoaster of a journey so far, and I’m loving every bit of it.

When I’m not obsessing over analytics, I love hopping on to my bike to escape the busy humdrum of everyday life. Hitting the road at warp speeds (safely) is something I find liberating and exhilarating at the same time. And yes, I’m a massive fan of anything Formula One or racing in general. Besides going full throttle, what brings me joy is trying different kinds of food. So, if you ever need company for gobbling up delicacies in Bangalore, you know whom to call. My favorite quote – Excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough 😉

Meet Jawahar Prasanth, Formula One freak, big time foodie, and biker extraordinaire.

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