Juhi Bhatnagar – Fearless, left and right brain melange, Intrapreneur and PeeCee fangirl

Being a daughter of a Merchant Navy veteran and having grown up in New Delhi, I come from a background of self-reliant living.

As a child, I was never afraid to sign up for new experiences. As the years have passed by, I have become this crazy medley of left and right brain; you’ll find me engaged in diametrically opposite things on any given day. Working long hours a day and still pursuing other interests, I am your typical “Energizer Bunny”.

I knew I wanted to make Analytics my career path during my internship with IIM Ahmedabad in December 2010 while I was pursuing electrical engineering at NIT. I was ecstatic when I landed my first job at MuSigma – talk about being at the right place at the right time!.

The dashboards and the statistical models I designed at MuSigma gave wings to my fledgling analytics career, but I was yearning for more. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I joined a startup, Convergytics as their second employee and travelled to the USA. Subsequently, I got an opportunity to be a part of the dream team that set up the in-house analytics unit at Etisalat, Dubai. Despite the early success, I felt it was time to lead a unit of my own. I decided to return to India to join Clover and lead their Analytics foray.

The last 18 months of setting up an analytics practice at Clover have been very exciting. I have had my share of rough patches – the domestic analytics market is different ball game and being a young woman leading an experienced team of professionals comes with its own challenges. But, the journey overall has been very gratifying. Standing here today, I feel good about leading this unit.

Unfortunately, gender stereotyping is still prevalent, not only in our society but in business circles too. It is discouraging at times but I have chosen to wake up every day and give a 100% to everything thing I do. I truly feel that as women, we need to first convince ourselves, everything else follows.

Priyanka Chopra happens to be my favourite actress; I find her very ambitious, fearless and hard-working. I love how Priyanka has broken barriers of geography and stereotypes of skin-color and gender, paving the way for women around the world. I love her confidence.

Meet Juhi Bhatnagar: Fearless, left and right brain melange, Intrapreneur and PeeCee fangirl.

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