Kavya Gowda – Born Bibliophile, Diligent marketer and Super-mom

I grew up with my nose in books. Writers fascinated me, words were a way to pick through the spool of the grey matter enmeshed in their brains, they held their interests as a blueprint to the machinery of their mind, and explored the ideologies they tessellate towards. So, I read. I read about the tired, dead-beat stories of things that perturb them in the thick of the night, stories of a crumbling world and a withering humanity.

As I grew up, I was introduced to technology, and now I wanted to know bigger things. The transparency and hypocrisy of media outlets, and the significance of independent media in this volatile information ecosystem. I wanted to know the who, why, what, when, where and how.

I know what I sound like. A capricious, greedy little intruder, storming into the private territory of people’s minds, waltzing inside the nooks and crannies of thoughts, nudging and probing uninvited. But tell me, how am I to learn if I can’t peer into the dusty corners of people’s minds? A skill that has served me well as a marketer.

I believe, marketing is poetry in motion. It’s the expression of ideas in the most elegant form a marketer can devise. Like a writer who chews the texture of words, rolls them against the tongue, seeks out the just-right way to tell each part of their tale, a marketer creatively employs data and analytics to address opportunities, to arrange the sequence in which they are solved and assembles them into a story. The thrill of this is hard to explain. It’s an act of creativity that ignites you. A lot can be discovered with what a person likes, loves and shares because at the root of it all is a human making a choice. The data makes understanding the human easier.

Tell me, how can I possibly ever touch anybody’s soul if I don’t know how, and with what, they choose to nourish it?

Meet Kavya Gowda: Born Bibliophile, Diligent marketer and Super-mom


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