Kunaal Nike – Lifealohism evangelist, Analytics practitioner and apprentice Philosopher

I began with a chronological narration of my journey but could not resist narrating it using analytics.

It was all about improving my R^2 and discovering all the unknown variables which could be used in my model of life. I named this model ”Lifeaholic Linear Equation” (Yes! you guessed right, life is a nonlinear equation). I used the Principle Component Analysis and identified 4 components which I feel have incrementally improved my Lifeaholic Model.

I created a Radar chart with each of the components which is similar to a coordinate axis. I named this the Plane of Health, which I feel should be taken care to encounter all endeavors in life. Each web represents a year, as the coefficient kept changing every year I rebuilt the model.

Component 1: Role of Leaders
During my initial days, Analytics was just a word and it got more flesh once my manager started guiding me to me think critically and help out when I was stuck. She never let me limit my focus to any one tool and always told me that tools were only a medium to get the projects done. Apart from working on delegated projects, I was asked to prepare and train juniors on Excel and SAS. Looking back, all these nuances have added to my strengths and helped improve my logical thinking. You can never predict what will help you shape your career, you just need to be open & mouldable. I am fortunate to have worked with incredible leaders.

Component 2: Self Branding
My tryst with training taught me how to engage students with different behaviors. I started listening more (although still stubborn in many ways) and started thinking about how to create more value. This kicked off my a journey as a YouTuber. With a video series on how to build an HR dashboard, I started a YouTube channel and still continue to produce content.

Component 3: Knowledge
It’s not easy to generate content without knowing a lot of things. Once I learned a concept I used to find 10 other ways to implement it. I started helping other teams not only in Analytics, but also HR, Sales, Marketing, even the Admin team. The correlation between learning and growth is often undermined. It takes a lot to go up the ladder, its take a lot more to stay up there and enjoy the view. Its knowledge!

Component 4: Family and Friends
Surprisingly how you treat you parents and siblings plays a major role in how much of a team player you are. Ignoring unresolved conflict with your parents or siblings or even your friends can play spoilsport. I have learnt to value what, albeit the hard way. But it’s a lesson I cherish and apply at the workplace. It’s not just B2B or B2C anymore. It’s H2H!

Few years into my Analytics career, I understood the limitations of linear regression and realized that Life is really a nonlinear equation; the possibilities are endless. As much as I learn I also realize that I need to unlearn the old and redundant. That’s how life comes full circle I guess!

Very proud of my Lifeaholic chart. Hope you love it and share the hell out of it!

1. Marriage is not a part of this analysis, as I am not married yet.
2. If you have a “girlfriend” then the dynamics of the model changes significantly.

Meet Kunaal Nike: Lifealohism evangelist, Analytics practitioner and apprentice Philosopher


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