Kunal Tiwari: A Storyteller, Cricket buff, and Zen enthusiast

“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” – Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda. Well how true these words can be, you can just ask me! Post my graduation; I chose to work for Maruti-Suzuki. I chose Maruti-Suzuki not because I loved automobile industry but because I was so scared of coding that I never wanted to be anywhere near a company that would ask me to code. As destiny would have it, I was staffed on a project that required me to code while building a forecasting model for sales for spare parts. I was so scared at the thought of coding that I thought of quitting the job or changing the department. But none of these options worked out, so I had no choice but to work on the same project. Though I started working on the project, it wasn’t something that I was inclined towards giving my best. Surprisingly as the project progressed, my fear towards coding subsided, and I contributed meaningfully and led its successful completion. The project was a big success and more than enjoying the manufacturing process; my mind was captivated by the analytical rigor around it.

Could not wait for long to learn more about analytics and hence plunged into the analytics industry. However, in 2005, analytics and data science were not as commonly used words as they are today. In India, only a handful of companies were into hardcore analytics and there was a limited demand for analytics professionals. Luckily, I got a break with Inductis, which was setting up its analytics practice, and I gladly took a salary cut to pursue a career in the analytics industry. And that’s how my journey to the number land started.

Today, many analytics professionals like you and me want to explore the plethora of opportunities revolving around this analytics industry. And, after Harvard Business Review called Data Science as the sexiest job of the century, a lot of young people started entering this industry to ride the rising tide. Having spent some brief years in this industry, I want the aspiring data scientists first to understand what do data scientists actually do? How do their daily routines look like? Though most of our time is spent on tedious or let’s say boring tasks of gathering and cleaning the data, and manipulating it to make it analysis ready, there’s also a sweet spot that makes the job of the analytics professionals more enthralling. That’s the application of hardcore statistics to solve real business problems. We are all the healthy amalgamation of Data science and arts. So, it would not be wrong if we try to become a hybrid of data scientist and a data artist. After all, we use cutting edge data science solution to weave the story behind the numbers! So, yes, I am in a great position now to experience the best of both the worlds.

It’s not that my life revolves only around data. When I don’t have tight deadlines, and business calls to take, I am a different person😊 I love to play cricket. I can bat in nets for hours without getting bored or tired. The pure joy of hitting the ball from the middle of the bat is meditative and if I am not travelling, I try to play cricket with friends over the weekends. Apart from playing cricket, I like to read a new book every week. These small things just keep me going

I am a big fan of “Old Monk.” Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about the spirit but spirituality – I am inspired by Gautam Buddha, the coolest old monk. And I am not talking about Buddha as a religious personality, I am hinting about the spiritual being he was. I am inspired by his clarity of thoughts and his teachings. Take the case of Steve Jobs, who was an ardent follower of Buddhism, and I believe it was Jobs’ Zen-like approach to business that made Apple products so elegant. May be soon I will try inculcating a similar Zen/Buddha-like approach to my personal as well as professional life! For now, life is good

You can connect with me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kunal-tiwari-94968a11/?ppe=1

Meet Kunal Tiwari: A Storyteller, Cricket buff, and Zen enthusiast


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