Mani Subramanian: A Doting Father, Die-hard Seinfeld Fan, and an Analytics Influencer

What started off as adding numbers quickly while playing book-cricket and doing road-side performances for neighbours by adding numbers without using a calculator has now turned to a career dependent on numbers. I still get a kick (figuratively and literally – from my wife on the shin for still being a kid) when I add up numbers quickly at a restaurant or at a nearby store while the person at the counter is busy using a calculator.

My career shift to Analytics was as well planned and executed as the traffic management in Bangalore 🙂 My post-MBA work supply chain and manufacturing consulting led me to a graduate degree in the supply chain with concentration in Analytics. The graduate degree helped me do specialized work in supply chain analytics with a premier consulting firm. Over the last few years, that focus has broadened to cover the application of Analytics across all business functions.

I enjoy my current role leading application of Analytics at Bigbasket. Working for a fast, focused and nimble start-up has been a rewarding journey. The focus of the Analytics team at Bigbasket is to deliver definitive, actionable insights to the business teams that can help enhance the experience of our customers. We are constantly working towards building a culture of data-driven decision making within the organization.

It has been an interesting journey from being a schoolboy at a government school to being part of prestigious educational institutions and organizations. Becoming an alumna of these institutions and organizations was a dream that turned to reality over the years; the lesson I take away from these experiences is that achieving one’s dreams is a journey of many small steps over many time periods.

Outside of work I enjoy reading non-fiction (biographies, history). I believe that as human beings we evolve by learning from our mistakes and that of others. The wise ones amongst us are those who avoid repeating the mistakes of others. History books and biographies help us along this path by capturing key lessons of the past. Quizzing and Toastmasters’ have been other pursuits that I have enjoyed in the past. However, they have taken a backseat ever since my son began to talk – yes, his words and antics are what keeps me busy. Seeing a tender mind develop by observing and learning from the surroundings is a fascinating experience.

Talking of history and biographies, I look up to Gandhi and Lincoln as historical figures. No two men could be any different from each of other as these two individuals. One leader pursued the path of non-violence over many years to achieve his and a nation’s dream while the other leader pursued the path of war as a way to unite a divided nation. Both overcame self-doubt, personal challenges and many more obstacles to deliver what their nations wanted them but these heroes never lived to enjoy the benefits of their successes. It takes remarkable conviction and faith in one’s approach over many years to achieve one’s goals and these two leaders ably demonstrated those values.

A side of my life that I haven’t pursued more actively is my aspiration to become a stand-up comedian. Jerry Seinfeld is a role model for me on that career path. Thanks to my wife, I was able to watch Seinfeld perform live – which was another long-pursued dream. Someday I hope to step out and try performing stand-up routines in simple settings so that I can begin to take baby steps to achieve another dream.

Another aspiration of mine is to apply the power of analytics for social good. This could involve using analytics to enable governmental and non-governmental organizations to deliver impactful results despite financial and administrative constraints that these entities face. With data in these entities moving from leather bound books to open forums (on the web and as open data sources), I believe the application of analytics can help these institutions have a greater impact on the lives of the people that depend on them.

Meet Mani Subramanian: A doting father, die-hard Seinfeld fan, and an analytics influencer

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