Casper Tribler – Analytics Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Family Man

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
This quote pretty much explains a few critical aspects of my journey in analytics. I started my career as a business lawyer, creating business cases for pricing international calls, for a major telecom operator in Denmark. Those were the days when the telecom market had strong regulations. And although my job required me to utilize my commercial legal competencies, I got introduced to the world of business development and product management.

One of my responsibilities then was to work with the IT department to extract large volumes of data, analyze the information using Microsoft Excel, and finally offer my recommendations to the management team. Today, we would have explained this as extracting information from a big data platform and applying various data science methods to identify specific actionable insights.

Over the years, I became deeply involved in developing automated data-critical services within revenue assurance, billing solutions, financial services, and connectivity hubs for various IT providers and telecom operators. Creating value out of continuously growing data volumes has always interested me; the fact that we can take something so incredibly complex and simplify it into one raw finding is fascinating.

I must admit that I never thought of such services as big data and analytics projects. The primary focus has always been on turning ideas and data into revenue streams and commercializing actionable insights. And you don’t need to be a data scientist or have a Master’s Degree to do so. In fact, the ability to manage several hard skills is the future of data science.
I’ve been quite invested in the field of analytics, and the journey so far has been exhilarating.

My journey has covered digital leadership, business intelligence, customer insight analytics, cloud, SaaS, data lakes, data mining and is now progressing into predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Here’s my advice for aspiring analytics professionals: Focus on a discipline within analytics that fascinates you and build on that. I recommend focusing on three core elements – business skills, tools and technology, and data science. Bring these three elements together, and you will position yourself among the most demanded analytics professionals in the market.

Most memorable event? Well, there is absolutely no analytics involved here! Meeting my best friend, partner, and soulmate, and being the father to my amazing kids, bringing joy, happiness, and reflection into my life every day.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. I also participate in various charities and actively share my knowledge while encouraging others to do so. In my spare time, a good game of badminton or a workout session at the gym is always welcome.

Meet Casper Tribler: Analytics Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Family Man.

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1 thought on “Casper Tribler – Analytics Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Family Man

  1. Hej Casper!
    Googlede dig for nogle år siden uden held, men nu er du jo nem at finde. Det lyder til at du har det godt og har gjort karriere i det der interesserer dig. Hvor er du henne i verden? Jeg synes du sagde at din far boede i England dengang.
    Min kone Heidi og jeg flyttede til Dk/Hobro for 1 1/2 år siden fra Grønland. Nu skal vores ældste i skole. Vi har en pige og to drenge.
    Tak for dit venskab dengang, det var hyggeligt.
    Mvh. Asger

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