Meet Itti Singh: Analytics savant, Dog lover, and Food aficionado

Itti Singh – Analytics savant, Dog lover, and Food aficionado

As an Industrial Engineering & Management student, subjects like Operations Research and Simulation Modelling & Statistics fascinated me. In college, I had vaguely heard of a field called Analytics where the concepts from these subjects were being used. I got my first taste of Analytics when I was in my first job in Data Warehousing and ETL. I was intrigued and finally landed a role in HSBC as a Business Analyst. One role led to another; and here I am, 10 years on, exploring the vast world of Analytics every day.

The one thing I firmly believe in is that all of us have the ability and capacity to learn something new, no matter our age or our experience. You have to keep learning and never be afraid to ask “Why?” or “How?” As a matter of fact, I have seen that the most successful analytics projects start with a rigorous understanding of the business problem. The more you understand the nuances of the business; the better the final solution and your understanding of the data.

I recall an incident from my early years; where I was rather new to an organization and was part of a meeting with quite a few senior executives. My manager asked me later if I was clear on the project and I mentioned I had a lot of questions and concerns. He asked me, why I didn’t voice my doubts in the meeting and when it comes to questions: there are no dumb questions. That simple statement became a guiding force in my career & made a world of difference to the way I approached problems. Eventually, this made the story telling aspect of my work so much easier as I understood the larger picture & how my work fits into solving a business problem.

Besides my amazing managers, I have a lovely family that constantly encourages me. Born into a family of girls, my parents pushed all of us to give it our very best. Growing up, mom’s advice to us was an old Urdu quote “Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna Ke Har Taqdeer Se Pehle Khuda Bande Se Khud Puche, Bata Teri Raza Kya Hai” (Translates to: Develop the self so that before every decree God will ascertain from you: “What is your wish?”). Her words are a constant reminder to me to get out there and take risks and make every opportunity a chance to better oneself. On the other hand, my dad’s commitment to his work is awe inspiring. But he is also a firm believer in “Work Hard & Play Hard”! A #lifehack I live by.

I urge everyone to have a life outside of work. Pick up a hobby or learn something that excites you or spend time with family and friends. The importance of a work-life balance cannot be stressed enough in our “Always Connected” lives. When I am not at work, I look forward to spending my time with Veeru, my 4 year old rescue beagle who is a constant source of happiness and the ultimate stress buster for my husband and me. I am a self-professed food aficionado. There is no better way for me to spend the weekend than discover hidden food joints with my family and friends. Nothing is off the menu as long as the flavor is divine 🙂. I also enjoy baking on the weekends as it is the perfect blend of art and science. I hope to have own food blog someday where I talk about my all-time favorite restaurants and share my mom’s secrets to good food.

Meet Itti Singh: Analytics savant, Dog lover, and Food aficionado.

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