Moumita Sarker: Analytics Proponent, Avid Learner, and Enthusiastic Music Student

Moumita Sarker: Analytics Proponent, Avid Learner, and Enthusiastic Music Student

Analytics to me is a way of thinking and applying analytical toolkits to solve real-life business problems – either to enhance or to optimize processes. In my 14 years of work experience in this field of analytics, spanning banking analytics, derivative analytics and consulting, the best part has been that I have at least two problems every day where I need to adapt the algorithms to business; one problem that keeps me awake at night, and hopefully, once in a fortnight, I get a problem that I have not solved earlier.

The idea is to always keep learning – stagnation is the biggest enemy of one’s analytical maturity curve. And for moving up the ladder in this space, a passion for solving problems, an in-depth awareness of analytical methods, a knack for storytelling through data and creativity, and the ability to connect the dots are the top four characteristics that one should nurture.

Outside of analytics, I keep learning from my four-year-old son, namely in three ways. First, he never leaves me without the question being answered, so I have to be ready with a logical explanation. Second, he always corroborates the explanation given to him by trying it out himself. And third, he needs innovative ways of storytelling for the same story every time. Suffice it to say; this keeps me on my toes even for my work!

The other passion that keeps me going is learning music. With the depth of Indian classical music, there is always more to learn and the more you grasp, the better you become in your output. It is a slow journey but very fulfilling. And I would definitely separate “learning music” from “I am not that good in singing” (which typically creates a mental block for diving into this wonderful world).

Meet Moumita Sarker – Analytics Proponent, Avid Learner, and Enthusiastic Music Student.

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