Nandhini Giridharan – Passionate Perfectionist, Tamil Cinema Enthusiast and Avid Adventurer

To a lot of people around me, I seem to be like an acquired taste. Like a quirky AR Rahman number that sounds jarring at first, but then grows on you as you hear it for the twenty-seventh time.

It gives me immense satisfaction and joy to pursue excellence and perfection for its own sake, even if there isn’t necessarily a better outcome in sight. When I pause and look back, I think this very approach has served me well in getting up to speed and shouldering bigger and better responsibilities in the Analytics industry. In my work, the intersection of technology and human instinct to uncover solutions that lie just beneath the surface fascinates me. Listening to my clients articulate their vision and imperatives and then being able to effectively address them gives me such a rush.

Being with BRIDGEi2i has been a very happy association; I have got the opportunity to pursue a career that aligns well with my aspirations. Of particular importance has been the experience of growing together with an organization that was in its infancy when I joined and see it blossom in front of me. Today, I am literally alone, in a totally new world. Like the little spaceships that were sent to distant outward planets in INTERSTELLAR, I am a designated explorer of my organization in a faraway land.

I might not be frivolous all the time, and that is by design and on purpose. But I am fortunate to have formed very rewarding friendships with like-minded people, with whom, I am myself, free and completely unhinged. At that point, I can seem like the perfect candidate in need of institutionalization.

As I unwind, my attention shifts to trying out exciting new things in the kitchen or learning to paint by numbers. I am also an ardent fan of the wild, outdoorsy life. At times, you will find me hiking up to the nearest hillock or pitching my tent near a volcano at Yellowstone.

Contemporary Tamil Cinema is another abiding passion that I indulge in, with a lot of vigor. Add some steaming idlis and a cup of Seattle’s best beverage to the mix; it’s perfection!

Meet Nandhini Giridharan: Passionate perfectionist, Tamil cinema enthusiast and avid Adventurer.

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