Nandini Seth: Researcher, Wanderer and Believer in Analytics for Social Good

Nandini Seth: Researcher, Wanderer and Believer in Analytics for Social Good

Growing up, I always enjoyed subjects like maths and science, which drove me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. During this time, I had very little exposure to data and its practical applications. My love for data analytics blossomed during my first job where I worked with risk data to develop and analyze insurance products. This eventually motivated me to pursue a postgraduate degree in Operations Research, which was more application-based and industry-oriented. Through some freelancing jobs and a summer internship in a retail data analytics company, my interest in analytics and big data intensified. I decided to enroll in a doctorate program in Decision Sciences because I felt passionate about designing, developing and implementing mathematical models to resolve industrial problems.

My research interests revolve around business intelligence, digital marketing data analytics, and retail analytics, but I also strongly believe that there is great value in using data sciences for social welfare implementations. For instance, I am currently working with a team that is using data to improve social and financial inclusion in India.

What are my insights from my analytics journey? Firstly, we need to start treating data sciences as a science and not just “trial & error” procedures. Every step should be well-conceived and logically valuable. And secondly, academicians must take to AI and ML and pass on their knowledge to budding minds. It would, in turn, encourage more people to take up research studies in ML.

Beyond the world of analytics, I’m quite the opposite of what you may imagine a mathematician to be. I binge watch YouTube and am an avid reader. I am very social and I love dressing up, dancing, partying and traveling.

Meet Nandini Seth: Researcher, Wanderer and Believer in Analytics for Social Good.

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