Nidhi Sharma – Atomic Peace Bomb, Xbox Ninja, and an Analytics savant

As a kid, I was part of chemical brothers. My brother and I thought we were super scientists and used to mix shampoo with spices and random medicines from my doctor dad’s free samples to concoct the next super potion. Thankfully, we did not kill ourselves.

Every summer during my school break, I would read all of my coming year’s textbooks beforehand, so I didn’t have to study at all. Needless to say, I am awful when it comes to sports but great with my Xbox!

I topped math and science scoring perfect 100’s and no one knew what I should become. Finally, an entirely useless education later, I became a computer science engineer. My first job at IBM was very exciting and gave me many opportunities to travel. In its centennial year, Watson beat Rutter and Jennings in Jeopardy and well, this was my turning point. I wanted to switch my career to Business Analytics in IBM but, things didn’t work out as planned. So I ended up doing Business Analytics course from ISB, Hyderabad for a year. Thankfully, BRIDGEi2i happened just after graduation. It was a tumultuous time for me as my father passed away during that month. But it was the warm and supportive people of BRIDGEi2i who kept my spirits high even when I was distraught. BRIDGEi2i allows you to become who you want to be in the field of analytics. It is great to have that sort of freedom in your place of work.

Having had adventures all through my life, I am always looking for the next big one. I derive a lot of joy from coding my own app, carrying out a counseling business in Chile, learning to surf or dreadfully taking Jurassic Park helicopter tour in Hawaii. Being agog by nature, crazy things fuel the adrenaline in me, and my analytics career fits the bill perfectly as there’s always something exciting and new to learn.

Well! I feel triumphal that I didn’t have to sell a kidney to buy a MacBook. And these days I am giving myself the taste of product design concepts using my Wacom tablet. And for better or worse Bangalore traffic gives me ample time for letting me finish a book per week.

Meet Nidhi Sharma: Atomic Peace Bomb, Xbox Ninja, and an Analytics savant.

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