Raghavendar Varadharaj aka Raghav – A visualization wizard, gentleman cricketer and diehard MSD fan

Once, I had a near-death experience, stuck in a snowstorm when I was trekking the snow-clad Sar pass in Himachal. After being panic stricken for a while, I started singing, and the entire group of trekkers followed my cue. That’s my outlook on life. Why waste your time fretting, when you can savour the lighter moments? I pride myself on being an endless optimist, and yes this has always been my greatest asset.

Ever since I was ten years old, not a day passed without cricket, and I make it a point to have a rendezvous with her whenever I can. I still play a lot of amateur cricket. Moving away from home has been difficult, but playing my favourite sport makes life a lot easier. I am an ardent fan and follower of MS Dhoni and it’s his style of captaincy that I love, very cool and confident. I now lead a team called ‘California Eagles’ and have been having an illustrious season this year, being one of the leading run scorers. This brings back fond memories of my glorious college cricket days where I enjoyed my life to the fullest.

When it came to making career choices, the options were endless and like Robert Frost, I chose the road less taken and ventured into analytics, this was the masterstroke of my career. Perhaps, that has made all the difference. About 5 years ago, I was just a novice intern in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Being a curious person my interest was piqued right from day one, as I realised that there was something fascinating with analytics. Now that I had found my niche, I take on exciting new challenges that come along my way. Achieving par excellence in my work is something that gives me immense satisfaction. I owe my success to those people who trusted and believed in me always. My father is one person whom I always look up to, a living example who taught me that the basic ingredients of success are hard work and passion.

I may come across as somber but I do have some ‘serious’ fun with my close ones. Playing AR Rahman and Ilayaraja songs on my car stereo and enjoying long drives through those never-ending roads completes my definition of a perfect day!

Meet Raghavendar Varadharaj aka Raghav: A visualization wizard, gentleman cricketer and diehard MSD fan!


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