Raju Varanasi: Educationist, Cricket fanatic, and Gardening enthusiast

Raju Varanasi – Educationist, Cricket fanatic, and Gardening enthusiast.

For me, data is not just about making machines run efficiently and monitoring their performance It’s also about using data to improve people’s lives. In Education, it’s about providing support where needed to improve the student’s skills and abilities. We want to know our students in a more personalized way.

One moving experience I had was while working on an analytics strategy for our education system using student data. I observed that a class three student with exceptional academic performance did not attend school every Tuesday. On further analysis, the data revealed that Tuesday was the Sports day and that student did not own sports shoes. This single parent family was struggling financially.

In a world where many families buy shoes on an impulse, there are still several families, unfortunately, for whom buying shoes need prior planning, due to family resource constraints. When I talked about this is at a conference in Sydney, many had tears in their eyes. After this data-driven revelation, the school took appropriate measures to provide that student with a pair of new sports shoes.

I strongly believe that analytics demystifies assumptions and apprehensions. Data has a significant human side to it, especially in Education and also in Healthcare.

My passion for all things analytics has been my driving force since my Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Bangalore days. I owe it all to my alma mater for what I am today. The creative atmosphere and the commitment and wisdom of my professors still reverberate with me. I cherish analyzing the available data to create a long-lasting positive social impact. Passion for education and passion for social causes behind education is what defines me.

Meet Raju Varanasi – Educationist, Cricket fanatic, and Gardening enthusiast.

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