Ravikanth Practoor: Analytics Mentor-Manager, go-getter, tireless traveler!

I believe that learning should not be a serious affair. Trust me; I am a person who never gets serious. If you happen to visit my office someday and interact with my students, they would say that I am the person who hates creating seriousness in the learning environment. I always ensure that these students enjoy their learning. Learning never stops for me too!

In this journey, I have faced both good and not so good moments. And if you come across my LinkedIn profile you might notice few gaps in my professional journey. This was the period when I was going through some personal turmoil. It was really intense, I wasn’t stepping out of my house, wasn’t talking to people; and became quite reclusive for some time. But thank God, I have such a fantastic circle of friends who never fail to keep my spirits high. One of my friends even forcefully took me out and enrolled me in French classes. Let me tell you; I am a level 2 certified in French! I would say that phase changed things around me. I got to me meet and interact with people not only from the software industry but all walks of life. I now have friends who are excellent dancers and singers.Looking at these people, I realized that there wasn’t any reason for me to keep pondering on what went wrong. Life is all about moving ahead and carrying the best moments with you. So that was the time when I decided to roll up my sleeves and get back into action, did some freelancing, learnt new things, and look I am here today, sound and happy!

Looking at our young generation today, I feel they succumb to stress when they fail to maintain the work-life balance. All I want to say is, life is not constant, and we all have to undergo good and bad times. But we have to ensure that our parents, friends and near and dear ones should not suffer because we tend to show our frustration. It’s not just your life, several other beings are related to you, so you got to think about them too! Things might go wrong; it might go awfully wrong sometimes, but, the actual success doesn’t lie in reaching great heights. Real success is all about the courage to stand again when you fail innumerable times. C’est la vie ! Another thing which I want to share is, not everyone will come with the same set of skills. Some people learn things very fast, and some take time, but there’s isn’t any reason to compare yourself to others, instead compare ‘yourself with yourself .’ You’re unique!

What I do to relieve my stress, is to travel. The travel bug bit me quite early. Any day, I just take my car out and roam around in the outskirts. Trust me; I just hate driving in the city. Most of the times during weekends you can find me clicking shots in Nandi Hills or somewhere in a quiet place away from the hustles of the city. This way I get a lot of ‘’me time’’ which in a way preps me up for the next challenge!

One thing I would want people to know about me is that I am a person who can face challenges with grit. I don’t give up easily. I take time to settle down so that I have the zeal to resolve. I believe that there are few things in life which you have to let go. I learnt it in a hard way. Having the feeling of enmity doesn’t help you in any way. Moreover, it takes away your inner peace.
Although retirement is a distant concept, I want to contribute my time in educating small kids in the villages. They face a lot of difficulties in getting the right education. My hometown is Raichur, so whenever I drive along to my home, I try to stop by in villages and mingle with the people and kids.

Although our government has the concept of free education, I don’t see it reaching the kids in many villages. They are the ones who need education the most. And if given a chance I would like to use analytics in such a way that we can identify regions that need support and facilities from the government regarding learning initiatives. There are people like you and me who put out their interest in teaching on LinkedIn apart from their profession. We can collect that information and patch up with the government to show that we have professionals from private industries who can dedicate their time to teaching, and you don’t have to invest! That’s on my radar now and hope I can see it turn to fruition.

Meet Ravikanth Practoor: Analytics Mentor-Manager, go-getter, tireless traveler!

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