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Analytics is a potent concoction of business, strategy with a dash of technology and the discerning brew is customer and enterprise transformation.

Analytics for me has been all about the beautiful amalgamation of clients, human talent and their expectations. So, when I say human talent, analytics is one of the few tracks, where you work with brilliant, high-pedigree personas and attempt to meet their expectations with your trailblazing ideas. When it comes to meeting your client’s expectations, it’s not just about the gray cells; it is about how you are executing your gray cells in an impeccable manner to make an impressionable impact.  I have been very fortunate to work with several C-suite clients across the geographies, be it in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Consumer Goods and other industries. Amidst the brew of burgeoning expectations and challenges, diversity of nuances and clients relying on you for meeting their business requirements, the eternal question from analytics consumption viewpoint has always been, “are you transforming their businesses”? or “are you able to solve clients’ business quandaries?’’. So, your position is a real double edged sword, when you attempt to do the best to fulfill your client’s expectation but at some level, you still get the question “Is it meeting my expectations?’.

Analytics in the true sense is interoperability of strategy and transformation adjacencies coming together and gradually crossing a chasm wherein CXO’s conversations, and boardroom discussions are hanging on the efficacy and efficiencies of IP – led algorithms that will become their secret sauce for competitive advantage in this era of digital revolution. Eventually, it will boil down to how close you are in terms of understanding the external, internal business challenges as well the pain points of the clients. This is an area that tracks and rewards for establishing and demonstrating multiple competencies, and it’s not just about algorithm building or data mediation. It’s all about how a person can play different roles, be it a data scientist who creates robust algorithms or a storyteller who can curate credible narratives that will make impact clear to business leaders. All I want to say to our aspiring analytics professionals is, “Analytics as a field is unstructured, yet a rapidly growing practice; sophistication in analytics tools and technologies aided with increased business conundrums and challenges will fuel faster consumption of analytics across enterprises. These set of dimensions will provide significant opportunities for existing and potential professionals who are just not smart and brilliant but aspire to fast track their professional career. So, if you are passionate and diligent about the world of data, number crunching, eager to learn business challenges and impact generating scenarios, you must brace up to dive and thrive”!

My professional journey has been more of a fast track, and progressive one with several challenging situations encountered in all the stints; however, aggregated these are varied experiences, realizations that make you a better professional. My recent role as Chief Strategy Officer at Fractal Analytics is entrusted with the task of curating and executing key strategic interventions and pursuits to accelerate Fractal’s growth trajectory and aspiration of powering every human decision in an enterprise. Going back, being at the helm, as the Country Head of Fidelity at the age of thirty-two gave some early hands on yet vital leadership experience of thriving in chaos, building a scalable business unit with high performing teams and donning multiple hats. In hindsight, I could replicate multiple best practices at Fidelity that I gained during my earlier stint as Vice President- Analytics at Genpact. And then came the opportunity of being a Global business leader for Cognizant Technology Solutions leading analytics and data sciences business practice. Together, with the best of analytics team coming together and executing on the lines of “ Done is better than Perfection,“ we were able to create a sizeable, market reckoning and best-in-class analytics and data sciences services. This practice representing an extensive broad-based structure of industry verticals, horizontal capabilities and specialty groups working to create business transformation driven analytics impact to several Fortune 1000 clients spanning multiple geographies. Being part of the senior executive team at Cognizant and meeting the expectations of the leadership team and stakeholders altogether strengthened me as someone who can now mentor and encourage zealous and young analytics folks. Motivating someone is always the best case of motivation for self as well! Obviously, challenges were many, but when you are determined and have a family to back you up during those crunchy timelines and grueling travel schedules, you become just blessed!

Who am I outside of work? Well, l love to read a lot about management, leadership, and analytics. I do it as a part of absorbing knowledge and try to disseminate my learnings in my blog ( The blog is all about demystifying Analytics, Digital, and Decision Science. So far, I have managed to come close to a hundred blogs! Still, a long way to go!; and the recently delivered TED talk: ( it was a manifestation of how algorithms will influence all spheres of our life and will be pervasive across enterprises. Although I have a lot on my plate these days to keep me occupied, I am always ready for a game of Cricket. I enjoy this game thoroughly! I was the captain of my school and college cricket team and still, play for corporate cricket events. And if required, I don’t mind doing a bit of coaching and mentoring for young cricket enthusiasts! There’s always a learning coming from young minds, my nine year daughter- Samaira always coaxes me to answer to her inquisitive queries by a pre heads up call saying that as I am in analytics work sphere, so my responses to her queries should carry sound logic !!

Meet Sameer Dhanrajani: Analytics trendsetter and visionary, Doer, Mentor, Cricket enthusiast & prolific blogger



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