Sandeep Mittal: A cartoonist, true-blue Musician, and an Analytics Dab hand

I’ve always had a creative bent and that’s what has helped me do well when it comes to analytics. It’s strange but there are so many people who, when they find out I’m into music and art go – ‘’yeah that makes sense, Quants are usually artistic too”. And that to me is exactly the right way to look at it. I play a bunch of instruments, write songs, do cartoons and comic strips, and all of it helps in the work and vice versa. You can see some of my stuff on my Instagram handle and website (

If there’s one thing I wish people in this field would do much more of – it’s to open up to and immerse themselves in completely unrelated fields. Just soak up stuff –be it music, Sci-fi, pop culture, philosophy, history, impressionistic art, cat videos – okay I’m not sure about the last one! You’ll find you are better equipped to spin a story from the data in front of you, to logically think through a business problem, or to find a creative solution nobody else dreamt of. Keep learning and trying new things – sacrifice some sleep if you must!

You know; I’ve been doing analytics consulting in some way or the other for 17 years now, and I’m still figuring stuff out. I can’t ever see myself feeling like I’ve “done it all”. There’s learning around the analytics which has nothing to do with the quant methods but around storytelling, understanding how it all fits in a particular industry, around getting teams to work well, understanding the tech ecosystem, creating a culture, around managing EBITDAs too! So the role changes from delivering an insight into creating an organization that can deliver, but it’s all very exciting! This is a field that’s going to keep on giving and as long as we are creative and flexible there’s no real ceiling to what we can do. Upwards and onwards!

Meet Sandeep Mittal: A cartoonist, true-blue Musician, and an Analytics Dab hand

Interact with Sandeep at Cypher 2017, Analytics & Data Science India Summit– the largest analytics Summit in India conducted by Analytics India Magazine India Magazine


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