Sayandeb Banerjee – A risk taker, true-blue musicophile and a docent at heart

Math as a subject has always fascinated me. And so, it is no surprise to anyone who knows me that my passion and calling were always going to be in this direction – Math or nothing. This love for the subject only grew stronger and enhanced further from mere number crunching to telling the stories that numbers would say.

My education in Economics and Masters from Indian Statistical Institute (Kolkata) groomed me into the field of Analytics, during the time when it was not as “white hot” as it is today. I remember the days when I used to spend hours explaining to people what Analytics is. But with time the Industry has made its presence felt.

What started as a love for numbers, soon started getting me placement offers from companies that wanted to set up their Analytics practice.
My first job offer came from ICICI. I was part of their newly formed Risk Analytics Practice group. Though short-lived, my stint with ICICI the experience was worth the while as it introduced me to the corporate world and gave glimpses of its difference from the sheltered environment of education. My next big opportunity came when I struck luck with GE. I was part of their Analytics practice group. While on a project with GE in the US, I met Dhiraj Rajaram, CEO and Founder of Mu Sigma. This was a meeting by accident. And as fate would have it, I became the first employee of Mu Sigma. We started small and were very young back then. Today the company has manifested itself into a hugely successful entrepreneurial venture and the rest, as they say, is history.

The melange of my learnings and experiences while at ICICI, GE and Mu Sigma led me to venture the entrepreneurial route. And this is how was born. For me, it was about challenging myself and putting my conviction to test with the help of all the experience I had garnered over the years working with awesome brands.

The entrepreneurial journey is not easy. There are no shortcuts. It has been about dealing with uncertainties, taking calculated risks, and not shying away from the fall, and celebrating every small win – it is all about sheer grit. There is no doubt in my mind that what we have is unique; time will unfold the story. And I am glad I listened to my inner calling to start up.

On days when I’m not working, I love to take my sitar out and play some serious music. I’m a diehard fan of board games and can never get bored of playing them. I could be engrossed in playing them until the wee hours sometimes. And if you are new to it, I could just give you day long lectures of games you haven’t even heard before.

If I were to retire, I will gift myself the privilege of teaching primary school kids. This is where the basics get formed – whether in math of any other aspect of life. I believe efforts to build interest and confidence in children is key and must start early.

Meet Sayandeb Banerjee: A risk taker, true-blue musicophile and a docent at heart.

Sayandeb is also a speaker at Cypher 2017-the largest Analytics Summit in India conducted by Analytics India Magazine





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  1. You have lived your passion through your profession! Very few people in today’s world are privileged to do that. Inspiring as your journey is, it would be an honor for me if I get to meet you some day and listen to your experience in more detail. Wish you all the very best Sayandeb!

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