Shweta Gopalakrishnan – Listener, Utopian and HR champion

As a child, I couldn’t figure out as to what I wanted to do when I grew up. As I grew up, it surprisingly became a more difficult question to answer.

While my cousins and friends naturally moved into certain career choices based on academic performance I always wondered what my career would look like. I did really well in a few areas, topped a few and even flunked a couple of them. There wasn’t a pattern to my academic performance. So the answer always eluded me.

I grew up in a family where education was considered the bed rock of life but I never really fit into the conventional mould and looked at education as a source of knowledge. I was always more perceptive and intuitive; there are no courses on how to hone that. So I just taught myself!

I believe that I am wired as a loner, but getting to know people and their desires and aspirations naturally interest me. The entire world that seems to be inflicted with the constant desire to be heard. Posts, status updates, tweets, photo updates, shares, retweets, the need to constantly let the world know what you think about the sun, the moon, the global conflicts, the economy, the stocks, the popular movie stars, the best dosa in town and so on. To see organizations using these opinions, insights, the pain points to engage with prospects first hand just amazes me; I am so excited to be a part of this Analytics bandwagon.

Being an HR professional is a boon; I get to apply my thought process about people and their aspirations and learn how analytics helps engage and retain employees. While I still keep searching for answers about my life purpose, I think that in all the complexities of the modern world, with all information overload, if I am able to bring sanity to even one person by listening, truly understanding them, and trying to bring some order to the chaos that surrounds them, I will get that much closer to my calling.

For those who don’t know me, I am a proud bundle of contradictions. While internally there is this restlessness always brewing, my pursuit is peace. When not being incessantly introspective, I enjoy putting together experimental nutritious meals, planning the next vacation, the next project (project could be anything from redecorating the house, to planning a surprise for the hubby) or just reliving the days gone by.

Meet Shweta Gopalakrishnan: Listener, Utopian and HR champion!

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