Sindhuja Vasudevan – “Queen of Comebacks” and a “Budding Bookworm”

As an individual, there are two dimensions that define my existence today: a person who constantly finds humor in unintended situations, and, a person who enjoys discussing philosophy and reasoning.

Having a plan is a good thing. But my story is not one that was planned…at all! I have always believed in seizing opportunities at the right time and that has led me down the most dynamic career path one could ever imagine. From kick-starting my career as a retail shop assistant to founding my own enterprise, every move that I have made has led me to exactly where I should be. I have been challenged to the core constantly by my Line Managers through the entire journey, only to become the best version of myself.

I look at these challenges with gratitude today. My boss on my very first job has been a huge influence in my life – She taught me, “Be tough and keep going. Life will throw all kinds of challenges at you…that’s nature. It’s how you respond that defines who you are”.

Having said all that, did I always dream of being an analytics professional? Not really…all I knew was that one has to have an open-mind. Embrace change, uncertainty and all the tough times that come with taking a less-trodden path. Knowing that I get to “think” and help solve a variety business problems, excites me like nothing other. My work and the challenges I face help me get closer to defining my purpose in life.

The analytics career path is a highly fulfilling one; it can give you what you need, and in the right organization, it could do wonders. BRIDGEi2i has been that for me; it’s been both a challenging as well as an enriching experience. There have been rough days when you feel overwhelmed, but things have always worked out because there is always someone to give you a helping hand. The organization is being built brick-by-brick – I am a happy mason!

Meet Sindhuja Vasudevan: “Queen of Comebacks” and a “Budding Bookworm”.

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