Smitha Hemmigae – Story Weaver, social media dabbler and a docent at heart

For some its philanthropy by choice, but for me, it was philanthropy by ANALYTICS!

Having understood and applied analytics for over a decade, my experience with marketing and analytics led me to my with Shivoo Koteshwar. With this platform, we create new philanthropic heroes and widen the reach of philanthropic initiatives. We have come a long way since we began and I attribute the reach that the platform enjoys now, purely to analytics. Impressive right? Thanks to the traffic we are able to generate, we get a lot of visibility and thereby funding offers and avenues for advertising. As an engineer and marketer, I take pride in the fact that I have been able to apply a lot of what I have learnt over the years, to building my dream project.

In my role as a marketer, every day brings a new challenge, and that is very exciting to me. The marketing concepts that I had been exposed to in early 2000 have drastically evolved from purely being an art to a wonderful concoction of art and science; today it’s all about scientifically crafting your messages, engaging the right channels, measuring how campaigns are faring and initiating interventions at the right time. We live in a world where everything in marketing is outcome driven and why not! My engineering education and marketing profession help me appreciate the right balance of science and art, and I feel lucky to have the best of both worlds in my armory.

As a business owner today, I have seen the value that analytics has brought to my venture, and I feel that it’s just the start of the journey. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and how far I can take this dream of mine.

I owe a lot of who I am today, to my father! In fact, I have realized that my aspirations were carefully crafted by my father. I still remember a lot of our conversations and discussions, some sensible and some absolutely vague. He has been a true inspiration and I have always felt like I should dedicate something to him. So I decided to write a book based on the relationship between a father and a daughter; I am halfway through it and very excited to see it come to life.

I made a couple of resolutions this year; one is to take up my passion for teaching and other is to pursue my fitness goals…for real this time!

Meet Smitha Hemmigae: Story Weaver, social media dabbler and a docent at heart.

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