Sowmya Moni: Early Adopter, Impulsive Traveler, Environmentalist, Closet Singer, and Dancer

Sowmya Moni: Early Adopter, Impulsive Traveler, Environmentalist, Closet Singer, and Dancer.

I read this quote a few years ago, and it stuck with me. “Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be obtained only by someone who is detached.” ― Simone Weil. Oxymoronic as it may sound, it is said that one can experience a greater sense of fulfillment in success and achievement when one is capable of practicing detachment when required. An attachment might seem safe and risk-free, but can limit opportunities to exhibit creative potential and growth.

Two decades ago, I started as a business analyst in an EdTech start-up, and during those formative years in my career, I discovered the marketer in me, despite having no formal education in it. As a marketer, I admit to not having a great handle on the science or the “analytics” in marketing and consider myself as a learning practitioner. Marketing efforts are hard to quantify in terms of revenue or impact, nonetheless, it is important to understand the science to determine the health of marketing strategies. It is this quest to improve my knowledge that introduced me to the world of marketing analytics. It has been an exciting journey since. The variety, velocity, and veracity of marketing projects have kept me on my toes thus far. From initiating campaigns to writing compelling customer stories to researching on markets or competitors and brainstorming on techniques to garner more views for marketing collateral, a normal day at work is far from routine. In my line of work, skimming through vast amount market, customer and business performance data is a pre-requisite to having any meaningful conversations.

We do not live in a perfect world, and there is no ideal state. Therefore, I believe that data along with instinct are the keys to making impactful decisions. While data and insights can help remove bias and manage large-scale problems, it is best to complement the insight with instinct (common sense) and experience. Analytics is as much science as it is art and if one is looking to excel in analysis, s/he is expected to build what I call, as high Analytics Quotient (AQ). It is a healthy summation of intellect and instinct. AQ = Emotional Quotient (EQ) + Intelligence Quotient(IQ).

The rise of machine learning and big data today has made it possible to create the micro-moments from any customer interaction. And while this is an amazing advancement, it can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, and so the challenge is to keep pace with the interaction streams and stay relevant. While much of the work I do is creative in nature, often, agility takes over creativity, more than I’d like to admit. So, in this swiftly changing milieu, there is a lot to be gained from being nimble and innovative. Every marketer on the planet is overwhelmed by the number and variety of marketing technology tools available, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in marketing today. Smart content curation, ad (re) targeting, chatbots, and personalization are some of the innovative applications of AI that I have encountered in marketing. As marketers, we constantly look for ways to increase the engagement levels with our prospects and customers through their buying journey and AI applications in marketing show significant promise, so future of marketing analytics is going to be exciting with disruptive trends such as AI, Automation and IoT.

While I am a marketer by profession, championing causes such as ethical waste management, organic farming, and cruelty-free products, are close to my heart. I’ve been managing the solid waste management education drives in my community for a couple of years now and wish to someday take on a larger role in sustainable development. During my spare time, I love to travel to offbeat destinations and meet new people. Two of my guilty pleasures are singing and dancing. I don’t claim to have a great voice or the fancy dance moves, but I’ve been known to belt out the songs when driving my car and dancing while watching TV.

I believe, your value isn’t based on who you work for or your position at a job; it is also about your passion and interests that may or may not be related to your job but gives you a sense of fulfillment. You are a brand, constantly building because it’s the affirmation of who you are and what you love to do; You should responsibly market your brand that is YOU!

Meet Sowmya Moni: Early Adopter, Impulsive Traveler, Environmentalist, Closet Singer, and Dancer.

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