Sumit Puri: A Sports Enthusiast, constant learner, and an Elocutionist

The key to capture people’s attention lies in the creation of useful insights and telling beautiful human-interest stories with data. So, all you guys need to do is to stay updated with the latest technology, be it Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data etc. and recognise how quality data can be leveraged to make decisions. Data can change your life!

My role as CIO and Senior IT leader over the last 23 years demands that I develop an extensive understanding of Analytics to develop insights on business and IT performance. One of the first projects I did when I was Digitisation Leader at GE Money was to create a Digital Cockpit dashboard for the organization which reflected some key performance metrics for the business. The creation of this automated digital cockpit platform was one of the springboards which facilitated my becoming Global Digitisation Leader at GE Capital International Services and provided me an excellent way to understand bottleneck areas affecting the business performance. It really made me understand how good quality of data can help steer business performance in a positive direction.

If given a chance, I would like to use analytics for social impact and I believe my profession as a technology leader in healthcare allows me to help the society in some or the other way. In order to improve the quality of clinical outcomes, we are currently standardizing clinical protocols for diagnosis and clinical procedures in our integrated electronic health record system which is deployed across Max network of hospitals. We hope to use this patient data collated from electronic health care records and systems like e-Prescription, CRM etc. in order to create a single unified view of the customer and his medical history. We then plan to deploy sophisticated machine learning and predictive analytics tools and leverage this integrated information to enhance patient outcomes and safety.

‘’What defines me?’’ Well, let me tell you, I have always been a metrics driven, analytical person. I believe I take pragmatic decisions proactively and my passion is always doing things to the best of my ability. Being a sports enthusiast, I want to use analytics, science, and nutrition to groom sportspersons based on their natural aptitude so that we can improve India’s abysmal performance in international sporting competitions.

A lot of people might not know, but I was into a lot of theatre and debate during my IIM Bangalore days. I have even represented India in international university seminars. As my father was in Paramilitary forces, I changed some 8 schools in 12 years across states in India. I really cherish those experiences as they helped me learn and adapt to various people and cultures quickly. Everyone is similar yet unique in his/her way, and I am grateful that after staying in different states and working in various countries, I had the privilege of learning about people and their lives across geographies. Whatever I have learnt and acquired so far is the result of the vivid experiences I had in life.

Meet Sumit Puri: A Sports Enthusiast, constant learner, an Elocutionist

Interact with Sumit at Cypher 2017, Analytics & Data Science India Summit– the largest analytics Summit in India conducted by Analytics India Magazine


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