Sunil Vuppala: Scientist, Technologist, Traveler, and Family Man

Sunil Vuppala: Scientist, Technologist, Traveler, Family Man

Technology spearheads the advancement of human race in a way that nothing else does. I always had a research-oriented mind which eventually led to my career. I get to work with cutting edge technologies every day and discover and rediscover how technology helps solve business problems effectively.

It started with Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Internet of Things (IoT) and then went on to unstructured data (text and image) analytics. In a way, it was a smooth transition for me to start working on automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) from IoT. My interest in machine learning and deep learning along with constant upgradation and upskilling was what helped me grow in this line of work. Sticking to one technology, may put one out of job within two years given the present situation. I try to stay on top of my game by following research articles on machine learning and deep learning and applying them in solving real-world problems. Most of the problems we are solving now are in the area of supervised learning. I strongly believe there is a lot of potential for unsupervised and reinforcement learning, if we mature in the research and cross the barriers into this realm. I think it is more art than science to use these fascinating technologies at this stage.

In the past, every 3-5 years, we have witnessed new technologies coming up and creating lots of hype around them though not all technologies have survived the expectation of the industry. But as we crossed the AI winter several years ago, there is a huge potential now for it to be successful. This paradigm shift has led to us witnessing widespread adoption of AI with availability of huge compute power and digital data. Any aspiring analytics professional should now start with identifying their core competencies/strengths and choose where they can excel as a data engineer / data analyst / data scientist / researcher / business analyst. Of course, the role of Mathematics and Computer Science can never be discounted but the most important trait would be the deliberation and orientation to solve problems. I draw inspiration from the likes of Andrew NG and strongly believe in democratizing AI and serving the society with technical contributions. Having 15+ patents for inventions and developing new components for our platform gives a satisfaction that comes with knowing that it will be used for addressing real world problems. Recently, I also got awarded for being one among the top 40 under 40 data scientists in India by Analytics India Magazine.

Besides work, I enjoy traveling around the world and interacting with young minds and sharing my knowledge with them. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my two little angels at home and would definitely call myself a family man. I also ardently follow Indian politics in my free time.

Acquiring knowledge was at the forefront of all my career ambitions. Be it my master’s degree, doctoral degree or managerial degree the flavors that all of these varied streams of knowledge bring to my everyday decision making and problem-solving has been all-encompassing and tremendous. The dream is to be able to lead a big team of AI professionals and venture into the yet unknown corners of the AI world. As Swami Vivekananda said: “You are the creator of your own destiny.” & “You can do it” I believe that “You are what makes you.”. It is completely upon us which road we take and where we end up on this fascinating journey into the unknown.

Meet Sunil Vuppala: Scientist, Technologist, Traveler, and Family Man

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