Tapasree De – Analytics brainbox, seasoned multi-tasker, and a “Jack of all Trades”

During our times (of course not another of the grandma rants) one couldn’t have planned to get into Analytics, there wasn’t anything called as such, yet.

So we were among these rookie parents, a couple of decades ago, raising this new born in this part of the world, which got christened as “Analytics” over time. And that’s why the bond that I share with Analytics is so intimate. When I look back on this journey, all I see is the coming together of several brilliant minds, their burst of passion in driving the enterprise, their collaboration rising above competition, and the many friendships that got forged in the process. Weird you may say, but that is honestly what remains with me as many other related things fade.

From campus, I got hired in a reputed Market Research firm where I chose Client servicing over Analysis, after much convincing of the board that my communication skills were better than my stats skill which was anyways great! No qualms in admitting, I found out very soon that I was good at none. Coming from an academic institution like ISI, it wasn’t exactly easy to immediately latch on to the corporate way of things. It was my second week into the job, in Delhi, I was feeling miserable on several counts and my boss at 10 pm in the night at office said, “You are not doing enough!” Immediately I capped my pen and teary eyed blurted out “Then I should not be here” and walked out. I left my job. My friends and folks were very supportive of me but deep down somewhere, I realized, I had done a terrible thing, I had escaped and had not stood and fought and given it a chance. A great lesson learnt very early on in life, stayed with me as the strongest pillar of many a success, thereafter.

A year of struggle after this, scores of unforgiving interviews, couple of disillusioning stints, finally brought me to this job interview, over phone with GE. When the interviewer asked why I didn’t know a certain answer I told him, “I guess it is the education system which helps me write a few exams but does not instill in me the nuanced understanding of the subject”. He, who was also a former professor, did not get angry. Instead, with jest he asked me to build a regression scenario with that hypothesis. I landed that job. And in retrospect I think it is probably this unmitigated tolerance where you were encouraged to have an opinion and assert yourself which led people, including me, to flourish, in an uninhibited manner, in that company. So, this job, offered me a salary that was higher than the sum total of the salaries from the three jobs I had until then. Was it even real? The flight to Bangalore from Kolkata was like a fairytale ride. Fairytale indeed…a well-paying job, in a beautiful city with amazing colleagues and fiancée working in the same company! Only an idiot could’ve asked for more!

The six years in GE were the best I had in Analytics. We got pushed and pushed into tougher and tougher roles in very quick succession. But the way we were supported, taught, reassured, rebuked and most importantly trusted kept us reaching out for the stars. And boy! Did we reach the stars! As I look around in the industry today, I find us everywhere at the helm.

While career was at its prime, we had our first child. An extraordinary change took place inside me. The world fell into two pieces, one which had our child and the other where everything else dwelled. And I wasn’t torn between the two. I firmly belonged in the former and passionately loved the latter. And since then, now with two boys to referee between, I am treading these two worlds, albeit with hardships but sheer joy. Thanking God every day for giving women this unlimited strength to draw from.

Outside work I am the proverbial “Jack of all trades”. I am moderately creative, constantly looking out for the next project. Just when you think I am stuck-up, please remember I am somewhat introverted. I am ever grateful to God for the countless blessings He has showered on me and my family. My ultimate strength is my beautiful family!

Meet Tapasree De: Analytics brainbox, seasoned multi-tasker, and a “Jack of all Trades”

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