Vanitha D’Silva – A cruciverbalist, Happy-go-lucky soul, and doting mother

I grew up ensconced safely in the many bewitching lands provided by the world of books and when the time came for me to grapple with reality, I found myself hopelessly lost. Sadly, my old childhood refuge didn’t seem to provide the same warmth and security anymore.

The only things that made sense were the cryptic crosswords and other puzzles I solved to wile away time. The methodical process of breaking down the clues to its bare components and piecing together the solution appealed to me. This organically led me to analytics and data science. The way the basic elements came together–the challenge of taking on unsolved problems, the knack for solving them, the structure of the math and science used, the beauty of the art involved that shatters the barriers and the story weaved to stitch it all together – thrilled me. Although the technology has changed immensely and the problems being solved are now bigger, badder and less structured- my fascination hasn’t waned, only increased.

When I’m not working, I haven’t given up my crosswords and puzzles but am mostly rediscovering the world through my daughter and her friends, trying in vain to answer their infinite questions about the meaning of life and the whys and why nots around it (somehow 42 never seems to be a sufficient answer)! ‘

I wish that we as a people would be kinder to each other and the world we live in and are leaving our children to and would like to join the many already endeavouring to solve this using data science. I also look forward to starting an alternate path one day in educating those without the means and opportunities, especially women and helping them find careers related to STEM. These are the real heroes, those that strive to achieve despite all odds and sometimes all that is needed is a little push. After all, life is hard and when things get tough, as Neil Gaiman said: ‘Go and make interesting mistakes. Make amazing mistakes. Make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for you being here.’

Meet Vanitha D’Silva: A cruciverbalist, Happy-go-lucky soul, and doting mother


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